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1.5ml Snap Vials and Caps Suppliers AMT™
Snap Vial & Accessories for Aijiren | Osaka Chemical Co.,Ltd 1.5mL Clear Glass Vial: 100/pk: ¥2,500: 11090644: 5182-0546: 1.5mL Clear Glass Vial with Label: 100/pk: ¥2,800: 11090645: 5182-054...
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Snap Vial & Accessories for Aijiren | Osaka Chemical Co.,Ltd

1.5mL Clear Glass Vial: 100/pk: ¥2,500: 11090644: 5182-0546: 1.5mL Clear Glass Vial with Label: 100/pk: ¥2,800: 11090645: : 1.5mL Amber Glass Vial with Label: 100/pk: ¥3,000

Thermo Scientific Snap Cap Low Retention Microcentrifuge

Thermo Scientific™ Snap Cap Low Retention Microcentrifuge Tubes improves sample recovery without additives or coatings. The 0.6mL, 1.5mL and 2.0mL snap cap low retention tubes offers maximum sample recovery by significantly reducing surface binding.

Autosampler Vials & Caps for HPLC & GC | Thermo Fisher

SureStop vials are designed for use with AVCS system screw caps. They improve transfer reliability and give a more secure liquid seal than standard screw vials. SureStop vials are available as a 2 mL as either clear or amber options and are highly recommended for use with GC and LC applications.

1.5ml Vials at Thomas Scientific

Clear Glass 1.5mL High Recovery Vials Chemglass With a 40% larger opening, the RAM™ Vial is specifically designed to work in robotic arm auto samplers. These vials incorporate the unique Step Vial design that precisely centers a limited volume insert in the neck of the vial. Related Products: V Vial Compare this item

Vial 1.5 Ml at Thomas Scientific

Borosilicate glass 1.5 mL volume 12 x 32 mm Micro-V vials are compatible with standard screw closures. Vials have a total volume of 1.5 mL and less than 5 µL of dead volume. Vials are designed for center needle position during sample injection (not recommended for Vortex). Constructed of. Related Products: V Vial.

Eppendorf™ Snap-Cap Microcentrifuge Safe-Lock™ Tubes

Hinged Safe-Lock lid prevents accidental lid opening. Precise lid sealing for lowest evaporation rates during long-term storage. Centrifugation stability prevents tube breaking: up to 30,000 x g for 0.5/1.5mL tubes; up to 25,000 x g for 2.0mL; and 70,000 x g possible in form-fitting rotor. Hinged lid allows for easy, contamination-free opening.

Vials | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials are offered in capacities ranging from 1 to 100mL. Certificate of Sterility & Pyrogen Test included with each lot. Sterile vials are Type I borosilicate, assembled with butyl stoppers and aluminum seals. Nalgene™ General Long-Term Storage Cryogenic Tubes Thermo Scientific™

multisorb technologies | VWR

Learn more about multisorb technologies. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen.

Vials | VWR

Description: 10-425 autosampler screw thread vials feature a wide opening compatible with 6 mm inserts. VWR® 11 mm Standard Opening Crimp-Top Vials Supplier: VWR International Description: Standard opening crimp-top vials have a maximum fill volume of 1.8 ml and are manufactured from inert, 33 expansion borosilicate glass.

Rowe Scientific

Aug 10, 2022 · 1.5 mL N 9 screw neck vial, PP transparent, 11.6 x 32.0 mm, flat bottom: 702500: 100: VV0077: 0.3 mL N 9 screw neck vial, PP amber, 11.6 x 32.0 mm inner cone: 702172: 100: VV0075: 0.3 mL N 11 snap ring/crimp neck vial PP transparent, 11.6 x 32.0 mm inner cone: 702809: 100: VV0097: 0.7 mL N 11 snap ring/crimp neck vial, PP transparent, 11.6 x 32

Fisherbrand™ Snap-Cap™ Flat-Top Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes

Axygen™ MaxyClear Snaplock Microtubes, 1.5 mL $48.45 - $394.00 Catalog No. 14-222-143 Axygen™ MaxyClear Snaplock Microtubes, 0.60 mL $116.30 - $1007.00 Catalog No. 02-682-002 Basix™ Microcentrifuge Tubes with Standard Snap $58.80 - $534.50 Catalog No. 07-200-184 Corning™ Costar™ Low Binding Plastic Microcentr $56.80 / Case of 250

Thermo Scientific Dionex AS-AP Autosampler Vial Kits, Caps

Thermo Scientific Dionex™ AS-AP Autosampler Vial Kits, Caps and Split Septa, 1.5ml Vial Kit Supplier: Thermo Scientific 079812 Vial Kit, 1.5 mL Polypropylene with Caps and Septa, Pkg of 100 Catalog No. NC0380837 $128.96 / Each of 1 Qty Check Availability Add to cart Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Viewing 1-3 of 13 Catalog No. 03-375-3K

High Recovery Vial at Thomas Scientific

and able to withstand temperatures to 135°C. Can be used with crimp or snap caps. 1.5 mL Wide Opening Snap Top High Recovery Glass Vials (2714S59) Wide opening, 1.5 mL vials with 30 µL reservoir. For sample concentration and injection without transferring to microvolume inserts. Can be used

Fisherbrand Premium Microcentrifuge Tubes: 1.5mL Natural; 1

Capacity: 1.5mL. High-clarity polypropylene. Graduated in 0.1 and 0.25mL markings. Withstand forces up to 30,000 × g. Easy-open caps with needle insertion spot and textured marking area. Labeling area on tube exterior. Highly polished interior for maximum sample recovery. Temperature range of -80° to +121°C. Fit all standard rotors.

Autosampler Vials for HPLC & GC - Aijiren Technologies

Aijiren's autosampler vials are available as either snap, screw or crimp in style. Most users will be familiar with the main 2 mL vial being the HPLC vial or LC/MS vial; sometimes being referred to as a 1.5 mL vial. We have also designed a range of 2 mL GC vials and GC/MS vials for your gas chromatography applications.

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